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The Vestia system of vacuum sealed containers offers an easy and effective way to store your dry foods longer while maintaining their peak freshness.

The powered vacuum sealing pressure element, the Vestia-Vac™, operates with a one touch lever to seal out air and moisture, keeping food fresher for longer periods of time. And since the Vestia-Vac is removable, you only need one to seal the full family of Vestia food storage containers.


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Vestia Chef

Features & Specifications

One Vestia-Vac Seals All

The Vestia-Vac can be removed and used to seal multiple Vestia storage container lids without having to purchase additional Vestia-Vacs.

Lock / Unlock Switch

A built-in-lock and unlock switch both seals in freshness and acts as a child-proffing mechanism for strong medications or goods.

Automatic Pressurization

The automatic re-pressurization feature ensures constant freshness, keeping food fresher up to 5 times longer than regular plastic storage containers.

Month / Day Dial Tracker

Vestia’s lids are equiped with independently settable dials for tracking food storage dates so there’s never a question of when food was sealed.

Shatter Resistant

The durable scratch, shatter, stain and odor resistant containers are refrigerator and dishwasher safe.

Stylish Design

The stylish design of Vestia’s containers makes it an essential component of the modern kitchen.

What's in the box - 1 Liter Container, 1.5 Liter Container, 2 Liter Container, 3 Chef Lids and 1 Vestia-Vac Package Dimensions - 11.41 x 5.91 x 9.45in. Weight - 1.9 pounds

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18 Reviews
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  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 5 Stars
    June 19, 2016

    Your coffee beans will thank you!! Great product!!

    Frank E. Trinkle

    OH YEAH! This set of three containers with their battery powered vacuum seal attachment are AWESOME! What a great concept.

    What was really super is that I buy expensive Starbucks French Roast Beans that are somewhat oily (appropriately). Left in any other container, the oils dry up relatively quickly and the beans lose some of their punch. NOT with these containers. Perfect!

    The containers have lids that include the fittings for a small, battery powered insert that begins the vacuum operation as soon as it's mounted on the top. A small red "button" begins to withdraw into the lid, indicating the vacuum air evacuation is working. When the button becomes flush with the lid, the power quits automatically, and you can remove the power insert...or you can just leave it on until you need it for another container.

    Great for coffee beans, rice, cereal, nuts, and many others that will go stale if open to air. 2 AA batteries required, and not included.

    1 year warranty. Designed in the USA, made in China...but high quality. Enjoy!

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 4 Stars
    June 17, 2016

    Love the built in dates on the lids

    Naomi Manygoats

    I love the containers, and they actually work very well. My only issue is having to attach a little battery operated motor in order to achieve the vacuum seal. I suppose, having grown up when 'burping the tupperware' was really innovative, I like things simple. And have more dead motors and other electronic gadgets than you can imagine. So it took me days before I wanted to deal with trying to figure out how this worked. And it seems to work just fine, once you do that. We make a lot of soups, and these are a great size for soups and sauces. But I can take out just one cup of soup every day for several days, so if you want to really get the best intended results, you have to constantly attach the motor and reseal these. I totally love the built in dates on the lids. You can pick the month and day that the leftovers go in. I always label my leftovers, with little tags I get at the restaurant supply and a marker. This is even easier, and less paper waste for the planet.

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 5 Stars
    June 17, 2016

    Airless Storage


    Before ordering I was asking myself is this product really necessary? I have a few specific uses so decided to give it a try. There is a small moveable part that you put on the top of the container then turn it on to suck the air out of the container to make a vacuum. The device is used on the different sized containers. By removing air from the container it can help prolong the shelf life of certain foods.

    I am using this for expensive gluten free and grain free flours (i.e. almond meal) and flax seeds that can go randid from exposure to air. It also is a tight seal so that moths and insects cannot get into the original bag container or box. I am also using it for the giant bag of breakfast cereal that my kids eat whose box doesn't even fit on my shelf. This provides upright storage and by taking the air out the cereal remains crisp instead of taking in humidity from the air to ruin it when my teens fail to close up the original bag tightly out of laziness. Due to the cost of these containers I cannot see converting my whole kitchen to use them, but if you have a specific purpose for them they can be helpful for pantry food storage. No complaints, rated 5 stars = I Love It.

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 3 Stars
    June 16, 2016

    have been good, if it wasn’t for the polystyrene

    Just Me

    Sad that this is promoted as being BPA free, which is great, but that it is made of polystyrene, which I have concerns about. Polystyrene’s risk is still poorly understood, but I would choose not to use it for longterm storage of food in a vacuum environment, as I am concerned about chemicals migrating into the food under these conditions. Polystyrene is made from styrene, which is fairly well accepted as being a carcinogen. According to the EWG, the International Agency for Research on Cancer lists styrene as a known carcinogen. According to the Code of Federal Regulations, polystyrene may not contain more than 1% (or .5% for fatty foods) styrene; which means that it likely does contain some styrene. The study “Quantitative Analysis of Styrene Dimer and Trimers Migrated from Disposable Lunch Boxes” found that chemicals did leach into food in polystyrene packaging. This may increase thyroid hormone levels (specifically plasma T4), according to the study “Styrene Trimer May Increase Thyroid Hormone Levels via Down-Regulation of the Aryl Hydorcarbon Receptor (AhR) Target Gene UDP-Glucuronosyltransterase,” which notes that “styrene trimers are polystyrene-container-eluted materials that are sometimes detected in packaged foods.” You can see Wikipedia and other online sources for the details on this. So, the risk is not clear, but, as I say, given that these containers are for longterm storage, I think polystyrene is a poor choice, as the food will be in contact with the container for a longer period of time.

    I would note that the Vesta-Vac motor only works when connected to a lid. You cannot use it to make a vacuum in any other container or “plastic” bag.

    Vestia does have a different product, the Wine Saver, which I would recommend, as it is for use on wine bottles, so the food/drink is only in contact with glass.

    I’m not going to give this a very low rating, as many people are not so concerned about toxins (and the risks of polystyrene containers are unclear); they will likely be happy with this product. It’s your decision.

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 5 Stars
    June 15, 2016

    Food stats fresher


    I love these things for marinade mung meat. It really does help infuse the flavor and it's nice for dry goods that absorb moisture and for fresh veggies. Food does last longer

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 5 Stars
    June 14, 2016

    Great, simple system for keeping food fresh longer


    This system works exactly as it is described to work and we are really happy with it. I think it's one of my favorite kitchen items that I've added in a while. The instructions were easy to understand and the system is simple to use and works great.

    I really like that the containers are BPA-free and stackable. I also like that you can set the date on top to remember when you put items inside.

    Other details to be aware of:
    Containers are dishwasher safe (lids hand wash)
    They are refrigerator safe but not microwave safe.
    Intended for dry foods only.
    Two AA batteries required, not included.

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 4 Stars
    June 14, 2016

    Practical to keep food fresh longer

    Amazon Customer

    This set is handy if you'd like to keep your foods fresh. It comes with the show containers and the lids fit all of them so no need to worry about finding the right size for each any time. The set comes with the little vacuum necessary to seal up the containers (batteries are not included you'll need 2 AA batteries). As long as you follow instructions the units are easy to operate and worth the extra steps to keep your food fresh. The vacuum operates relatively silently as well. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars from me is because you have to keep track of the vacuum and make sure you don't wash any of the lids in the dishwasher. Also, you have to do the right steps overtime to open and close the units.

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 4 Stars
    June 13, 2016

    I like this set


    I like this set. It is easy to use and I'll be buying more sizes to go with this starter set.

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 5 Stars
    June 12, 2016

    Keeping Fresh

    Dorraine Rooney

    This is a 7 piece set- 3 canisters, 3 lids and the sealing motor...it requires 2 AA batteries that are not included...nice solid plastic construction- wish they came in colors...the motor is fairly quiet and creates a nice seal...let it run till it stops...the white button releases the lid, the red button releases the motor...do not use in the microwave - hubby destroyed one...reseal every 3 weeks...I have one in the fridge...lids are handwash only...this is a really neat set...

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 2 Stars
    June 11, 2016

    Too complicated for a canister

    LookinG for Trouble

    I see two major flaws with this product:
    1. Opening it.
    2. Closing it.

    These are problems because every time you open the canister, you need to re-seal it using the battery operated Vestia-Vac. Closing it is a problem because you can’t close it at all without the battery operated Vestia-Vac. The canisters don’t close without the Vac seal. So if the idea is to use them more often and not worry about the Vac seal, then that won’t work either. Sure, you could just set the top on it but then you have to be careful to never move it.

    Now, I am generally forgiving if something is useless but pretty but such is not the case here. They are also ugly, especially the one without the Vac on top.

    This is a clever idea. I like how easy it is to vacuum seal a canister. It kind of reminded me of the big aero bags that used a vacuum. The primary problem with that item was also the vacuum. It was much easier to just sit on the bags.

    But then I was trying to figure out what to put in these canisters. It had to be something I hardly ever use so I wouldn’t have to reseal it. Then it had to be something that wouldn’t leave a residue because the lids are not dishwasher safe. I was taught by Tupperware to always put the lid and the bowl or canister in the dishwasher at the same time and at same level. The Vestia-Vacs canisters are made of a hard shiny acrylic looking material that I would not put in the dishwasher, generally speaking.

    I have to say that for the most part, these are not very useful and will probably not be used in my house by anyone other than the children. The idea of having to use the Vestia-Vac every single time after opening the canister is pretty silly.

    But the children think it is fun and probably will continue to think it is fun until they need the batteries for a remote. Hopefully, they will then forget about them.

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 4 Stars
    June 11, 2016

    Alot of uses!

    Vikki Hallen

    Ok, This comes with 3 containers: 1L, 1.5L, and 2L. + lids for each. I wasn't sure if the description meant 1 pc was coming or the 3pc..my mistake. Next, when I watched the video/the pics I saw, I thought it showed wet product and I assumed these would work as well for fridge. They will I'm sure, for very short term fridge use but product description says should be used to store only dry foods..no wet foods or liquid :( Do not use for microwave either. Do not submerge the vac part in water, only the containers and lids are dishwasher safe..which makes complete sense since the vac part is where you have to put in the 2 AA batteries that are NOT incl. When I first looked at it all I thought the whole lid assembly was the vac, I couldn't find the spot for the batteries(duh, don't be me). So, to the real important part, what you CAN actually do with this set. Store pastas, cereal, coffees, dried fruit, rice, sugar, flour, beans, tea, oatmeal, nuts, chips, cookies..you get the idea. Since it is so humid where I live I mainly store cereal, chips and treats. This works just like it says and fast! You do have to be careful to just push the red release TAB and not raise the white finger lever..it will let all the air back in. There is a day/month ring on the lids you can set for the date you vac'd it. You probably should use it too and remember to check occasionally because it will lose some seal eventually unless you have the vac attached to it while in storage, in which case, it's supposed to automatically reseal its self. Haven't had long enough to see that in action. Over all, I like. Wish it was able to be used for long term fridge use and I may try cheeses or something (not recommended). Sturdy containers and useful!

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 5 Stars
    June 11, 2016

    Great set and I would definitely recommend

    Amazon User

    Great set and I would definitely recommend. First and foremost -- there are only supposed to be used w DRY ingrediants. Also, as just storage containers they're terrible because without vacuum sealing them the lid just sits on top -- no seal of any kind.

    To use these containers is simple, simply fill with whatever dry good you want (I used them for bulk protein powders) and use the little vacuum to seal them shut. Vacuum unit is really small and easy to store. Make sure you grab some AA batteries because you'll need two.

    So far, this set has been perfect and exactly what I needed!

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 5 Stars
    June 11, 2016

    Love these containers. They work very well and are easy to use. Quality containers.


    Love these containers! These are well made and well thought out storage containers. Unlike the vacuum seal bags, these are reusable. They are very easy to use. The pump does all the work. All you have to do is place it on the top of the container. To release the seal, you just push a button and the lid comes right off. These are especially great because we get ants every summer and they can get into just about anything. They cannot get into these containers. Although it says that the containers themselves are dishwasher safe, you do have to wash the lids by hand as they are not dishwasher safe. I will be washing both by hand because I want them to last as long as possible. I like these so much that I will definitely be buying more of them. These are great for storing tea or coffee beans in if you want to keep them fresh.

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 5 Stars
    June 11, 2016

    Much More Than I Thought It Would Be.

    Earth Spirits

    These are so convenient. I have been using a food saver canister system for several years now and while it has a stronger motor and creates a longer lasting seal, it is not as quick and easy as these. I don't like to use the food saver as much on canisters that I open and close on a daily basis. These however are simple and easy to use. No hose, no long air release time, and it is a simple process. However for canisters that I only use one a week or longer in between intervals, I find the foodsaver creates a much tighter seal.

    The motor is not too loud. The batteries last longer than I anticipated which is a nice surprise. I am using rechargeable batteries and they work great. Overall I am very happy with this system. I didn't think it would be as good as it is. 5 stars.

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 5 Stars
    June 10, 2016


    Antigone Walsh

    I make a yearly pilgrimage to a spice wholesaler. Great savings but without an air tight container, the spices fade fast. This container system is ideal for preserving any dry ingredient. It comes with three clear plastic canisters, small (1 liter), medium (1.5 liters) and large (2 liters), matching black covers and a small handheld vacuum sealer. The sealer operates on 2 AA batteries which are, annoyingly, NOT included. The batteries are easy to insert by removing the battery cover on the base of the sealer. Operation is simple. Place the cover on the canister and put the sealer on the lid. Activate by lowering the white lever. It removes the air and stops automatically. Press the release button to take the sealer off or you can leave it one the canister. the covers have a month day dial so you can easily remember when it was last sealed. the set comes with an instruction sheet that features black and white photos and written instructions.

    Do not use with liquid or moist ingredients. While the canisters, covers and sealer are refrigerator safe, they should not be used in the microwave. the canisters only are dishwasher safe. Hand wash the covers and wipe the sealer with a damp cloth. Al components should be dry before use. Plan on resealing items every 3-4 weeks for optimum freshness. This is an excellent way to keep dry ingredients fresh and minimize waste.

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 5 Stars
    June 9, 2016

    Vestia Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System


    The Vestia Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System is such a great concept and very well designed. In this set, you get three generously sized containers, each with a lid, and the small vacuum unit. The vacuum unit requires two AA batteries, not included.

    To use the system, you fill a container with a dry good such as rice, beans, flour, cereal, etc. Place a lid on the container and snap on the vacuum. The vacuum automatically starts up and stops when the air has been removed from the container. This takes a matter of seconds, depending on the size of the container. You can remove the vacuum or leave it in place. If you leave it in place, it will automatically maintain the vacuum seal over time. Or, you can remove the vacuum to use it on other containers. To release the seal, you simply press a button on the lid and lid lifts off. The lids only rest on top of the containers when not vacuum sealed; they do not snap or screw into place. If you plan to store foods for a long time, you'll need to reseal the containers every few weeks.

    The containers are dishwasher safe, but the lids must be hand washed. The vacuum unit is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so you can simply keep it a drawer ready to use if you don't leave it on a jar. As I mentioned, this set is only for dry goods, nothing with liquids.

    I like this set for ease of use and convenience. There aren't any supplies to purchase over time, unless you just want to add some containers to your collection. Each lid has movable tabs so you can note the day you seal the container, making it easy to keep track of how long the food has been in storage.

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 5 Stars
    June 8, 2016

    Great for Long Term Storage

    A Customer

    Great system for storing dry food products for medium/long term. Easy to operate and seems like time really stops within the container!

  • Automatic Vacuum Seal Container System 5 Stars
    April 21, 2016

    High quality product & works as advertised - love it

    I saw this on Amazon and thought what a great idea. You know what I mean if you have experience with similar vacuum storage products like... vacuum seal machines that use plastic bags (inconvenience, eco-unfriendly), or other vacuum containers that use either built-in or detachable manual pumps (a pain to use). I took a chance to buy this product based solely on the photos & videos (no review available at the time of order). I just received it last evening so this review is only on the openbox experience and initial use. On packaging, it came in a nicely printed box with the product packed in an "egg-carton"; all lids and canisters were individually wrapped in plastic bags. On the product itself, it appears to be well made and of high quality. The design fit nicely into our granite and stainless-steel theme modern kitchen. The canisters are made of polycarbonate (good stuff). The lids are made of high quality plastic and are interchangeable between the 3 canisters. The vac unit fits well onto the lids, and attaching/detaching it from the lids was very smooth. There is a white lever on the vac for starting/stopping it, and a red latch for attaching/releasing the vac from the lid. Operation of the vac was super easy, just pop it on, (pump), and pop it off. The pump actually turns itself on when you pop the vac onto the lid, and it turns itself off when done pumping the air. It takes about 30-45 seconds (depends of size of canister) for the vac to get the air out and it stops by itself when done. I was concerned about the noise level but it was not bad at all. It's kind of like the noise from a fish tank/aquarium pump. The big deal for me is that the vac was automatically activated when the pressure inside the canister drops to a certain level. That's important for storing things that are used infrequently. I didn't have this long enough to observe that happen but it works when I simulated the pressure drop by letting out a small amount of air with the white lever. So far, I think this is a winner but time will tell. I will update this review when I have more experience using this product.